Finalized design images for the new YMCA Community Center were recently released by the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation (FACC). Yet, in light of recent City litigation, the Community Center Construction faces potential delays.

The new drawings show the most up-to-date designs and highlight the aquatic and other areas of the new Community Center. Regretfully, however, the Foundation finds it important to inform the community that the project timeline is facing potential delays due to a lawsuit filed against the City of Fairmont by the Fairmont Taxpayers Coalition for Government Transparency.

The Coalition’s lawsuit, championed by Charles Johnson III, Mark Ossenfort and Todd Smith, asks the court to void the local option sales tax passed back in 2016, alleging the City violated a statute related to the referendum process. The City of Fairmont has subsequently filed a motion to immediately dismiss the lawsuit on a number of grounds.

“While we firmly believe that the claims made by the Coalition hold no merit, we must acknowledge the burden that the legal process places on the forward momentum of our project,” stated John Kasper, Chair of the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation. “Sadly, it is evident that the delay caused by this lawsuit serves only to impede the progress of a project that aims to enhance our community. In reality, when you look at these new drawings, it’s hard to hold back the excitement of what is so close within our reach.”

The impact of this lawsuit extends beyond mere frustration. Until this lawsuit is resolved, critical project steps cannot be moved forward. “Not only does this frivolous lawsuit frustrate the community, it costs the city time and taxpayer dollars to address it,” noted Kasper. “It also jeopardizes the timing for New Market Tax Credits, funds critical to the project. And it jeopardizes putting the project out for bid which further risks the overall construction timeline,” said Kasper.

Kasper calls upon the community to stand united in overcoming the obstacles presented by this latest counterproductive action put forth by the Fairmont Taxpayers Coalition for Government Transparency. “Unfortunately, while it only takes a few to spoil something so great for so many, we ask the community to keep their focus on the real prize,” reflected Kasper.

“With these latest drawings, one can only get excited with visualizing the opportunities the new YMCA Community Center will provide for our community,” emphasized Amy Long, FACC Board Member. “It’s essential for everyone to recognize the stark contrast between those very few people repeatedly investing whatever they feel is necessary to impede progress, versus the many committed to contributing positively to the greater good of our community. We hope everyone recognizes the value of constructive, collective support for a greater good.”

FACC urges businesses and individuals to support them in navigating through the negativity surrounding this potential delay by continuing to publicly voice their support and to make a financial pledge towards the project.

For further inquiries or to pledge financial support for the YMCA Community Center Project, please visit To voice your continued support for building the YMCA Community Center, contact your City Council member by visiting, the local newspapers or social media.


Key Points for the Community:

  • Lawsuit Impact: The project timeline faces potential delay due to the lawsuit against the City. Funding from the City cannot be released until this lawsuit is resolved. Further, it is impacting the Foundation’s efforts to secure NMTC funding. Additionally, if the project is delayed, the overall cost of the project will most likely continue to increase
  • Path Forward: Ideally, the lawsuit will be swiftly dismissed yet this spring. If it is not, then FACC will establish a new project timeline, with a goal to break ground in the summer of 2025.
  • Community Support: FACC encourages the community to take a stand: by voicing their public support of this project; by standing along those looking to enhance and grow our community; and by showing support for those who seek to contribute and improve the collective health and well-being of the community. Together, the community can make a difference.
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