Thank You Donors


The Foundation extends our most heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed including:

The Rosen family, Krahmer family, Mayo Clinic, Bob Wallace, Steve and Heather Hawkins, Nancy Klemek, Mary Ann and Dan Kehrberg, Eric and Catherine Johnson, Bryan and Linda Gregor, Hayley Luther, William Grogin and Darci Bentz, Albert Schaefer, Marilyn Forstrom, Bev Comm Foundation, Bank Midwest, Don and Sue Anderson, Vickie Greiner, Dan’s Appliance, the Pomerenke Family, Profinium, Jay Maynard, Doug Pederson and Thao Doi, the Hugoson Family and Hugoson Pork.

Why they Gave

Hugoson Family / Hugoson Pork – $100,000

“We recognize the essential role that community centers play in providing a wide range of services and resources to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our donation reflects our commitment to supporting organizations that make a positive impact on the community that our family is proud to live in.
We are proud to support the FACC and the YMCA’s efforts to provide programs for our community. These programs are crucial to building strong, resilient communities and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. As a family business, we believe in giving back to the community and supporting the causes that matter most to us. We hope that our donation will inspire others to join us in supporting the community center and other organizations that are working to make our community a better place.
Thank you to the board and volunteers for their tireless work and dedication to serving our community. We are honored to be a part of their mission and look forward to continuing to support the important work that is being done.”
– The Hugoson Family

Doug Pederson & Thao Doi – $10,000

“Fairmont needs this community center. Being away from Fairmont and recently coming back, I recognize life in Fairmont is good – but we need this for our community to continue to thrive and attract people to stay here or move back here.”
-Doug Pederson

Dan’s Appliance – $25,000

This year, Dan’s Appliance received the Chamber’s Large Business of the Year award.
Thank you for continuing to be an important and invested part of our community by becoming a Community Champion and pledging $25,000 to the Fairmont Area Community Center!

The Pomerenke Family – $25,000

Steve and Lori – along with their children and families, Jared and Tanya, Grant and Kristie, Tyler and Kendra, and Vanessa – have been long-standing and invested members of the community. Collectively, they have volunteered their time with organizations and programs such as Martin County Fair Board, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, FFA, 4-H, Fairmont Soccer Association, Kids Just Want to Have Fun and the Minnesota Youth Livestock Expo. In 2020, they were named the “Farm Family of the Year” by the University of Minnesota.

Profinium – $100,000

As a leading local and regional financial institution, Profinium believes in being vested in our communities’ success with leadership, resources, and time.
“We truly see this donation as a way to help our community grow and prosper, and more importantly, live healthier lives,” says Marques Doppler, CEO Profinium. “It also is a fantastic venue for our employees and their families to be able to enjoy year-round. It’s what this community needs. ”

Jay Maynard – $10,000

“I support the Community Center because I believe that it provides an important piece in the future growth and prosperity of Fairmont. The YMCA’s programs will be important in attracting people to our city, and the ice arena will modernize and upgrade a tremendous asset. I contributed because I felt it was important to support it personally.”
-Jay Maynard

Bank Midwest – $500,000

“Bank Midwest is thrilled to be able to support our local community with this donation. With over 70 employees in the local community, the new YMCA will be a tremendous asset for our employees and their families,” said Tom Lytle, executive vice president/CFO of Bank Midwest Fairmont. “We hope this donation will prompt other businesses in the area to show their support for the community,” Lytle added saying, “Fairmont is such a great place to live, work and play. We see this as an investment not only in our employees but in the future of Fairmont.”

Eric & Catherine Johnson – $5,000

“In addition to creating opportunities for the people of Fairmont, the Community Center can become a place for people who live outside the city limits but work, go to school, or bring children to activities in Fairmont. When we had children growing up, we lived far enough out of town that a community center would have been a wonderful place for us. The children could have done an activity or worked on homework while waiting for us to finish work or while waiting for a sibling to finish sports practice. Everyone could have gotten a little exercise in the time between work/school and whatever the evening activities were, be it church, practice, or community events. Our experience was that there was no individual business in town that could meet this type of need for families once children got too old for traditional daycare.

At this time, we are looking forward to local year-round access to a swimming pool for lap swimming for Eric and water exercise for Catherine. We hope that a swim team experience will be available for area youth. We are also looking forward to having more ice time available for the hundreds of youth and adults that participate in recreational skating.

We believe that Fairmont should continue to build on our community’s investment in strong families, healthy youth, and successful aging. Working together as volunteers and participants improves physical and mental health, increases community safety, and builds engaged citizens. We should each be proud to participate in creating and using the Community Center.“  -Eric & Catherine Johnson