The new Community Center will serve as a community hub, where people from all generations will come together, gather, socialize, play, and connect.

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$6.5 Million Goal

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About The Community Center

The Y is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community by empowering young people, improving the health and well-being of people of all ages, and inspiring action in and across communities.

Fairmont Youth Hockey will be relocated to the new ice rink housed in the Community Center. In addition to hockey, recreational skating, broomball, curling and other ice activities will be open to the community.

Fairmont is continuing to expand offerings and be a place where people choose to live, work, and visit.  Together, we’re taking bold steps to revitalize our community, boost the economy, and serve those in our community. 

Foundation Members


Fred Krahmer, John Kasper, John Edman, Karin Rosen, Amy Long


Amy Long, John Kasper, Laura Olsen, Ian Bents, Bryan Gregor, Dave Cone, Ann Terfehr, Steve Hawkins, Alex Young-Williams, Dennis Dieser, Oliver Kollofski, Hayley Luther


Michael Edman, Brandon Edmundson, Kyle Gustafson, Lisa Kuhl 

CITY STAFF REPRESENTATIVE: Cathy Reynolds, City Administrator
COUNCIL LIAISONS: Councilor Randy Lubenow and Councilor Michelle Miller
SCHOOL DISTRICT LIAISON: Mat Mahoney, Activities Director


Fieldhouse / GYM


Indoor pool

A Community Center for Fairmont, a benefit for all.

  • A strong recruitment and retention tool for young families. 
  • Boost local economy through hosting recreational tournaments which generates visitors likely to spend money in our town during their visit.
  • Instill inclusivity by being accessible to all people, all ages, all backgrounds.
  • Keep children active, safe, and healthy through programming, camps, child care, and recreational activities. 
  • Promotes healthy aging through programs for older adults to come together for fellowship and safe activity.


A Watershed Moment – Community Update

It's not a vote for building a Community Center. It's a vote for building the future of our community.   This is yet another watershed moment for our community and City Council.  Soon, it will...

Bank Midwest Pledges Half Million

Bank Midwest Pledges Half a Million Dollars to New Community Center.  Bank Midwest and the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation announced another significant donation towards the construction...

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