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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you describe the Community Center Project?

  • This project aims to build a new Community Center for our community that will serve as a hub for wellness, programming, education, recreation, and community engagement.
  • The project includes two components. Phase 1 is a YMCA Community Center and Phase 2 is an ice arena addition.

What is included in the YMCA Community Center?

  • The current designs and expected facility offerings include pool, multipurpose gym space, multipurpose rooms for community gatherings, school aged childcare and programming, and senior activities, a child watch area to be used so adults can enjoy use of the facility while their children are being cared for, and fitness, health/wellness rooms.

What will this cost and how will it be paid for? 

  • The YMCA Community Center (phase 1) is estimated to cost 26.6million. The city is contributing 12.6M in local option sales tax funds. The Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation is contributing the remaining funding, secured through fundraising efforts and new market tax credits.

How much money has been raised so far?

  • As of November 2023, 6.4 million in private funds have been raised. New Market Tax Credit funding is estimated to be 3.7million. Additionally, the Rosen Family has announced another $2million in private funds, supporting a community fundraising match of $2million, for the final $4million needed for the project.

What are new market tax credits?

  • New market tax credits are available through a federal program designed to encourage private investment in economically distressed communities. Only projects located in an area with high poverty rates, high unemployment, or low median family income are eligible. New Market Tax Credits can be used to finance a wide range of projects including community centers. Overall, the program is a great way to stimulate economic development and provide a benefit to communities.

Will property taxes increase to fund the Phase 1 YMCA Community Center?

  • No. Per the City, the funds generated from the local option sales tax will cover the costs associated with the bonds issued, and therefore, there would not be a need for a property tax increase for Phase 1 of this project.

Where will the Community Center be located?

  • The Community Center will be located west of the Mayo Clinic Health System medical center and across the street from the Fairmont High School.

What programs will the YMCA Community offer?

  • The specific amenities and services offered by a particular YMCA vary depending on the location and each communities’ unique needs.
  • Some examples of YMCA offerings include health and wellness programming, aquatic activities and swimming lessons, adult and youth sports, arts and crafts, family events, youth in government programs, child-watch which includes free drop in child care while caregivers make us of the YMCA facility, partnerships with schools to offer before/after school childcare programs, leadership programs to foster a culture of service amongst young people, summer camp opportunities, and so much more!

How much will membership of the YMCA cost and what does it cover?

  • An average cost of a YMCA membership is $47-$50/month but there are different membership options for youth, college students, seniors, and families.
  • The YMCA never turns anyone away for inability to pay. Participants with a financial need can apply for scholarships for programs and membership costs.

What about the ice arena has phase 2? How will that be funded and what is that timeline?

  • The City and Fairmont Youth Hockey Association are partnering on the path to fund and operate Phase 2 which is the ice arena annex.

How will a Community Center help our community?

  • The Community Center project is one action item towards improving the health and economic vitality of Fairmont and the surrounding area.
  • It is also attractive to businesses who may be looking to invest in the area, as it shows the community support and interest to also investing in Fairmont.
  • A place for children, keeping them active, safe, and healthy.
  • Boosts local economy through hosting recreational tournaments and events which generate visitors and revenue.
  • Promotes healthy aging through programs for adults and seniors.
  • Instills inclusivity by being accessible to all people, all ages, and all backgrounds.

What about YMCA operations? How do we know that a YMCA can be successful in Fairmont?

  • The Foundation, in partnership with representatives across the YMCA organization, have worked together to assess the feasibility and future success of a YMCA operating in Fairmont.
  • A proforma, which is a financial statement that provides an estimate of future financial performance, based on projections and assumptions, has been created to benchmark against other comparable YMCAs. This proforma confirms the financial feasibility of a YMCA in the Fairmont market.


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