June 2016

A feasability study on a proposed Regional Wellness Center was authorized. A referendum during the 2016 General Election proposing a half-cent local option sales tax was also authorized.

October 2016

The City hired Bolton and Menk to complete a feasibility study for a Community Center. The study was then presented in October 2016 and Council made a motion to accept the community center feasibility study.

November 2016

The community voted on the local option sales tax for the purpose of funding recreational amenities, trails, and/or a Fairmont Community Center. Results: Yes: 3032 and No:1923

February 2017

The Fairmont Community Center Action Committee was formed to perform due diligence on the project. The city sent out letters to citizens interested in the project.

October 2017

$125,000 for a community center business plan was approved.

January 2018

The community center committee hires an architect/engineer.

February 2018

The community center committee hires a construction manager.

September 2018

A feasibility report was delivered. A discussion was held on a business plan, ownership, operations, construction and funding options. 

December 2018

A public forum was held at the Fairmont Opera House.

February 2019

Entered into an agreement with the YMCA of Albert Lea and Worthington. The YMCA was authorized to research the current status of recreational programming in Fairmont and develop potential programming for the community center.

December 2019

The City of Fairmont commits $14,000,000 to construction of the community center when the committee raises an additional $6,000,000 in pledges. The council also approved up to $50,000 for a YMCA operating budget for 2020. The committee presented a plan that included a pool, fieldhouse, meeting/classroom space and fitness area in phase 1. Phase 2, including ice, wasn’t included in the presentation.

June 2020

YMCA pulled back from programming and the project was delayed due to COVID. 

March 2021

A city council work session reviewed work done to date, design/cost estimates of phase 1. The plan included expansion for ice in phase 2 contingent on finding additional funds. 

May 2021

A City council work session was held to review the local option sales tax. Both the Fairmont Hockey Association and the Community Center committee were invited.

June 2021

The community center committee clarifies that the vision is for both the YMCA and FYHA to co-exist in one building. RFPs are initiated for updated numbers, final design, and construction plans.

August 2021

The Rosen Family, the Krahmer Family and Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont commit $4.5 million in funding.


The Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation is formed.

January 2022

Council approves a 2-step Owner’s Representative Contract with Tegra. Step one will work with a design team to develop a schedule and budget.

March 2022

The YMCA entered into a consulting agreement with the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation.

April 2022

Council approves to move forward with contract negotiations with 292 Design Group as Architect/Engineer and Kraus-Anderson as Construction Manager. 



October 2022

Design elements finalized and costs formalized.


November 2022

Public engagement and review of designs and costing components.


November 2022

City Council approves final design, components and cost.