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Any gift, no matter the size, will make an impact. Please consider supporting the Fairmont Area Community Center and make a difference in our community.

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Foundation Members: Amy Long, Brandon Edmundson, Fred Krahmer, John Edman, John Kasper, Karin Rosen, Mike Edman

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Community Campaign Options

The Foundation is launching four campaigns to help build the new YMCA Community Center. These campaigns will allow members of the community to contribute and make a real impact in the lives of their fellow neighbors.

Community Builders Campaign
this campaign encourages the broader community to give a gift of any amount. Everyone is encouraged to give, no matter how big or how small, to help both build a new community center but also build a better community.

Community Champions Campaign

the Champions’ Campaign is seeking 60 individuals or businesses to become Community Champions and demonstrate the value of building a strong, healthy, and vibrant community. Community Champion gifts will be contributions of $10k, $25k, or $50k.

Founders Fund Campaign

this campaign focuses on gifts of $150k or more. It is for businesses and/or individuals that want to assist with both construction and ensuring sustainable operations over time. Founder’s gifts will truly help make a lasting impact on the community.

Heirloom Family Campaign

Those families that have deep roots and connections within the Martin County area may want to consider giving to the Heirloom Family Campaign. The Heirloom Family Campaign will be gifts of $150k or more. These gifts allow for family members, both those still in the community and perhaps those who have now moved on, to collectively participate in philanthropic giving as a combined family. It recognizes their love of and ties to the community, and together, leaves a lasting legacy for the community.

We encourage everyone to consider making a pledge today and be a part of helping our community grow and prosper.

Other Ways to Help


be informed and help educate community members about the benefits and positive impact. Stay involved by signing up for a newsletter and keep up-to-date on current happenings. 


share ideas you have for the Community Center to partner with local businesses, community services organizations, and other key stakeholders.

Contact the Foundation

Members: Amy Long, Fred Krahmer, John Edman, John Kasper, Karin Rosen

Interested in Donating?