The Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation is honored to announce an extraordinary new commitment from the Rosen Family Foundation. The Rosen family has committed to donate an additional $2 million to support the new YMCA Community Center, which is aimed at fostering a more vibrant and healthier community. This generous donation comes in addition to the Rosen’s prior commitment of $3 million, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to community development and to the well-being of the Martin County area.

The additional $2 million in funding also serves as a challenge to the broader community, as the Rosen’s are structing the donation as a community match. This means, that for every dollar given, the Rosen’s will match it up to the $2 million donation.

This community match initiative is a final kick-start to push the Community Center project to the finish line. The design and total project costs for the new Fairmont Area Community Center were recently released, showing a total project cost of $26.6 million, and a funding gap $4 million. With the $2 million Rosen contribution, plus a $2 million community match, the funding gap is projected to be closed.

The Rosen’s, along with the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation, encourage all residents and local businesses to help the community make the final push to totally fund this project and are encouraged to submit a pledge form, or contact the FACC Foundation by March 31, 2024, to receive the matching funds.

“We recognize the importance and positive impact this community center will have on this community. Not only will it provide an immediate, but also a lasting benefit for years to come. This final contribution, which requires the community to step-up and come together, will hopefully jump-start the final phase in bringing this project to completion.”


-Karin Rosen, Rosen Family Foundation

Thank you for your investment in our community!


To join the Rosen family, in addition to all the other initial supporters of this project, please visit or contact a Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation Board Member to discuss giving options.

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Thank You For Visiting!

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