Rosen Family, Krahmer Family and Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont commit funding for new Fairmont Area Community Center


The Rosen Family, Krahmer Family and Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont have partnered to pledge $4.5 million in initial private funding to kick off the capital campaign for the construction and operation of the proposed Fairmont Area Community Center.

The donations will be directed to a newly established community center nonprofit foundation. These initial donor pledges are contingent on the construction of the community center, and they focus on supporting YMCA operations.

The Rosen Family has pledged $3 million, with $2 million earmarked for construction contributions and $1 million as matching funds for public donations to the community center.

The Krahmer Family has pledged $1 million for a combination of construction costs and creating an operating fund focused on pool programs and operations, particularly inclusive programming, such as swimming lessons for all ages.

Mayo Clinic Health System has pledged $500,000 for construction contributions and donated the land where the facility will be located. This land is valued at an estimated $220,400.

The vision for the Fairmont Area Community Center includes a YMCA, which will have a fieldhouse, gymnasium, track, indoor aquatic center, community rooms, group fitness and exercise studios, and various programming opportunities. An ice arena is also planned that will be supported and operated by the Fairmont Hockey Association. It’s envisioned that the YMCA and the association will collaborate to operate the Fairmont Area Community Center.

“As the largest employer in Fairmont, we are committed to seeing Fairmont thrive, and we are doing our part to improve the health and wellness of our community members,” says James Hebl, M.D., regional vice president, Southwest Minnesota, Mayo Clinic Health System. “We are excited to help provide this wonderful resource in Fairmont.”

In addition to the gifts from the Rosens, Krahmers and Mayo Clinic Health System, the city of Fairmont has committed $14 million toward construction, using proceeds from a local sales tax.

“The donors hope these pledges keep the project moving forward while also jump-starting the larger fundraising campaign needed to support construction of the facility,” says Brandon Edmundson, chair of the community center committee. “We’re all excited to collaborate with other local donors, using the newly formed foundation to manage donations during the fundraising campaign.”

Private funding is still needed for the project. To leave a lasting, positive legacy and provide a valuable resource to community members of all ages, consider contributing to the Fairmont Area Community Center campaign.

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