The Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation has raised almost 5 million dollars towards the construction and operations of a community center.

The Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation has launched a campaign to raise dollars to fund the construction of a Community Center, as well as a Founders Fund which will assist the startup operations of the YMCA and provide a path for ongoing, sustainable operations.

The Foundation was established in September 2021, shortly after the Rosen Family, Krahmer Family, and Mayo Clinic Health System in Fairmont announced a partnership to provide $4.5 million in initial funding, giving the project significant momentum.

Since that time, the Foundation has quietly fundraised an additional $400,000 for the project, as the City has been working on securing contracts for the design and construction of the project, as well as solidifying the actual design elements.

Though construction plans and budget are still being finalized, the Foundation has established $20 million as the project budget, with the city contributing $14 million and the Foundation to privately fundraise a total of $6 million towards construction. In addition, the Foundation has also targeted an incremental $500,000 for a Founders Fund, making the total fundraising goal $6.5 million.

To date, the Foundation has raised 75% of their initial goal, securing a total of $4.9 million in pledges and one time cash donations.

Additional groundwork for the successful start-up and operations of the project has also been laid with the Foundation entering into a consulting agreement with the YMCA to leverage their expertise with building planning, operations, and programming of the future community center.

Anchor Donor Pledges

Additional Pledges


$6.5 Million Goal

In addition to the anchor donations from the Rosen Family, Krahmer Family, and Mayo Clinic, the Foundation would like to publicly recognize and thank the generous donors that have contributed to date:

Bill Eckles, Bevcomm Foundation

Bryan and Linda Gregor

Steve and Heather Hawkins

Eric and Catherine Johnson

Nancy Klemek

Dan and Mary Ann Kehrberg

Ross and Amy Long

Bob Wallace

The Foundation extends our greatest thanks to these early contributors. We want to recognize them for making a meaningful and long-lasting impact by helping to bring the YMCA to Fairmont and the surrounding areas.

Fred Krahmer

Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation

Community members, service clubs or businesses that are interested in giving to this campaign can do so either by pledging a monetary contribution or by giving a one-time cash donation.  The Foundation is working with funding institutions that provide loans for community projects like this one, which make pledged contributions possible. The ability to pledge is a significant benefit to those who wish to spread a donation out over time.

Bryan and Linda Gregor felt it was important to donate to the project as one way to give back and support a community that has blessed their lives.

“The community center and YMCA will help attract and retain more young families and offer amenities to the retirement community. This is an incredible opportunity for Fairmont.”

Bryan & Linda Gregor


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