YMCA Signs Consulting Agreement with Fairmont Area Community Foundation.


On March 15th, the YMCA entered into a consulting agreement with the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation. The agreement was signed by the Albert Lea YMCA Board as part of an ongoing process to develop a community center in Fairmont. “We are thrilled to be working with the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation to explore this exciting new growth initiative for Fairmont,” noted Bruce Mielke, Executive Director of the Albert Lea and Forest City Y’s. “We are excited to look at bringing a broad array of health, mental and social wellness programming for youth, families, adults and the elderly to the Fairmont area.” The plan is to work closely with the local Fairmont community to bring programming that meets the needs and wants of the area. 

The actual building, the brick and mortar community center that we’re working so hard on making a reality is really only one piece of the entire project.

Amy Long

Fairmont Area Community Foundation

The consulting agreement is a key step in the ongoing Community Center development process as it allows the Y and the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation to:

  • Start programming opportunities in the Fairmont area, both immediate and longer term,
  • Develop and assess financial proformas to successfully run and operate a full spectrum of potential community center components and supporting programming,
  • Frame an operating agreement for the City of Fairmont for the Y to oversee and be responsible for ongoing operations of the Fairmont Area Community Center,
  • Team with the Albert Lea (MN) and Forest City (IA) Y’s to leverage and capitalize on their immense knowledge and expertise in developing successful programs for local communities,
  • Leverage the national YMCA’s experience in building design and cost-effective use and operation of a Community Center.

The Y will be opening an office in Fairmont on or before April 1, 2022. The office will serve as the local headquarters for the Y as it develops and implements local programming for the Fairmont area.

This is a big step forward in bringing the Community Center to the Fairmont area. It will help the community feel confident that they will have a proven organization to run and operate the local Community Center and bring best-in-class programming to the community.

Fred Krahmer

Fairmont Area Community Foundation

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