New Community Center Receives $50,000 Donation from Bolton & Menk.

Bolton & Menk is proud to provide this donation in support of the Fairmont Area Community Center project! Since opening our Fairmont office in 1965, we have collaborated with many community members in support of numerous local projects. We are excited to watch the YMCA come to life and how it will bring area residents together for numerous educational, social, and recreational opportunities. We know the FACC will have an immeasurable impact on the lives of area residents, businesses, our employees, and most importantly our community!


-Wes Brown, Senior Principal/Fairmont Work Group Leader

Thank you for your investment in our community!


If you would like to donate, or would like to contact the FACC Foundation for a tailored donation, go on-line to and complete the on-line donation or contact form. 

Thank You For Visiting!

Thank You For Visiting!

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