The Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation has accomplished yet another milestone in the development of the YMCA/Fairmont Area Community Center.  Following assignment by the City in June of this year, the Foundation has spent the last several months planning and ensuring the facility design is within an attainable budget, can support programming needs of the community, and ultimately shaping the vision of what the YMCA can provide to the community.

“The YMCA is more than just a building: it’s a vision of a healthier, more inclusive, and socially connected community,” commented Amy Long, who is a member of the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation.

YMCA Community Center First Floor

YMCA Community Center Second Floor

The design was updated based on input and collaboration from the community and with the City of Fairmont, Fairmont School District, Fairmont Youth Hockey Association, and the YMCA/GRO, in addition to guidance from project professionals that include JLG (architect), Tegra (owners rep), RJM (construction manager).

Long referenced that the design reflects a health-centric and inclusive vision through the following three key components:

  1. Recreation and Activity: The core spaces of the Community Center include gym space, aquatics, and fitness areas for all ages. These spaces will encourage physical activity and wellness. The gym space is designed for multi-use, supporting a variety of sports and recreational activities.  The aquatics area includes a four-lane lap area, zero depth entry, as well as a general swimming area. The second story fitness area includes a walking path overlooking the gym as well as views into the swimming area.

2. Multi-Purpose Spaces for Programming and Community Gathering: The heart of the Community Center includes areas aimed at creating space where people of all ages can connect. This includes lounge areas and multipurpose rooms for events, classes, YMCA programming, and both youth and senior activities. This also includes a room near the pool, for events such as gathering for a birthday party. Having this occur in multi-purpose space is an efficient way to maximize square footage and work within the project budget.

3. Child-watch, Before/After school programming: The YMCA supports parents time to use the facility by incorporating a child-watch option. This space will be used for parents to drop off children to be cared for, while adults can enjoy use of the facility. In addition, the YMCA is partnering with the school district to support before/after and summer programming needs for school aged children.

On November 13th, the Fairmont City Council will decide whether to endorse and move forward with this design and funding proposal. Following an approval, the design partners will begin to further develop the details of the building design and begin producing construction documents. The overall project timeline has a goal to break ground in spring/summer of 2024 and have a completed building in summer of 2025.

Along with the design, the total project costs have been solidified based on the updated design and current market conditions. The total project is estimated to cost $26.6 million which includes construction, equipment/fixtures, soft costs, and establishing an endowment for operations. The project will be funded through the City’s contribution of $12.6 million in local option sales tax dollars and by the Foundation funding the remaining $14 million. The Foundation is securing the $14 million through private fundraising efforts and pursuing new market tax credits.

To close the funding gap, the Rosen Family Foundation has stepped forward and contributed an incremental $2 million towards the project. This donation is designed to be a matching gift donation, where for every dollar the community contributes, the Rosen Family Foundation will match that donation. With the $2 million Rosen contribution, plus a $2 million community match, the funding gap is projected to be closed.

To join the Rosen family, in addition to all the other initial supporters of this project, please visit or contact a Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation Board Member to discuss giving options.

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