Together, community leaders are taking bold steps to revitalize our community, boost the economy, and serve people now and into the future. 


The city and several community partners recognize all Fairmont has to offer. There is potential for this community, including surrounding communities, to continue to expand offerings and be a place where people choose to live, work, and visit. 

The Community Center is one of many strategic tactics towards economic and community development.

  • A strong recruitment and retention tool for young families. 
  • Boost local economy through hosting recreational tournaments which generates visitors likely to spend money in our town during their visit.
  • Instill inclusivity by being accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.  
  • Keep children active, safe, and healthy through programming, camps, child care, and recreational activities. 
  • Promote healthy aging for older adults by giving them a place to come together for fellowship and activity.


The Fairmont Area Community Center will be located on the land between State Street and Johnson Street. The lot is next to Mayo Clinic and close to Fairmont Jr/Sr High School.

This site is centrally located within the community and is close to many other community amenities and resources.  Additionally, the land is to be donated by MCHS Fairmont, and has basic infrastructure already present which saves on project costs.

The central location will make the Community Center easily accessible to the entire city, while drawing visitors to the parks, restaurants, attractions and other businesses in the heart of the Fairmont.


The YMCA – We’re More Than a Gym

The YMCA is program focused - Serving all in the community.The YMCA is program focused. It's not about the structure. What comes first is 'what does the community need' and they are going to be here (in Fairmont) talking about that programming and focusing on that...

Survey completed. So what’s next?

*Conceptual rendering from 2016. Not final design.As we continue to move down our timeline, we're getting closer to the Community Center being a reality in Fairmont. Survey results are in and results were consistent with surveys done in the past, as well as the local...

Consulting Agreement Signed with YMCA

YMCA Signs Consulting Agreement with Fairmont Area Community Foundation.   On March 15th, the YMCA entered into a consulting agreement with the Fairmont Area Community Center Foundation. The agreement was signed by the Albert Lea YMCA Board as part of an ongoing...

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